Stock corporation law

In the area of stock corporation law, we advise and represent you comprehensively in regard to questions relating to

  • Legal relations between the corporation and the shareholders
  • Foundation of a corporation (establishment of the articles of association, appointment of the supervisory board, foundation report and audit, notification and registration of the company to the trade register, branch offices, liabilities and post-formation acquisition)
  • Association limited by shares (KGaA)
  • Content of the articles of association, changes of the articles of association and coming into effect of the articles of association
  • Plurality/majority companies (Mehrheitsunternehmen)
  • Dependent and dominating companies with and without controlling agreement, power of performance and liability
  • Affiliation agreements (control agreements, contracts concerning the shifting of profits business management, profit pool, contracts concerning the shifting of parts of the profits, business leasing contracts and contracts for leasing operating facilities
  • Integrated/incorporated companies (Eingegliederte Gesellschaften)
  • Body of a company, their election, competences, responsibilities and liabilities
  • Organisation of annual general assembly and resolutions
  • Performance of mandates in the supervisory board
  • Assertion of claims for damages
  • Change of the joint stock company to other legal entities (merger, splitting up or change of legal form)
  • Liquidation and dissolution of a company