Law regarding fiscal offences

In the area of fiscal offences, we advise and represent you comprehensively regarding questions and problems concerning

  • Amended return as an exemption from penalties in order to eliminate problems with the law regarding fiscal offences in an early stadium
  • Tax fraud investigations (rights against tax fraud investigations)
  • Defense in criminal procedures concerning fiscal offences (clarification of problems concerning tax law, e.g. a tax estimation)
  • Bank secrecy and investigations of the tax fraud investigators (cases concerning banks, especially in Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein)
  • Right to refuse testimony and the right to an attorney, rights as a witness
  • Measures against denunciation, anonymous complaints by begrudging persons
  • Consulting in regard to the Law of Amnesty (Amnestiegesetz/StraBEG), i.e. to the consequences of flawed motions