Tax Planning

As a team of tax consultants, accountants, business economists and attorneys, MerzArnoldWuepper presents you with an experienced, capable team.

Based on the situation and your individual needs, we support you as consultants, who especially recognize the tax and economical problems and find the perfect solutions for you.

Our services in the area of planned tax consultancy encompass in detail:

  • Audit and evaluation of the tax consequences of private or business decisions (e.g. business concepts, choice of legal forms, investments in real estate)
  • Development and audit of possible varieties of tax design of partnerships, corporations, associations and private individuals
  • Consulting in the area of international tax law , taxation planning of international business connections and double tax treaties
  • Planning of ideal arrangements for taxation consequences, e.g. for inclusion of evaluations and accounting
  • Development of strategies for the planning of individual and business succession (e.g. for the use of the succession as foundation)
  • Tax consulting for charitable institutions (e.g. foundations and clubs as well as associations)
  • Supervision and consulting regarding tax audits and other measures of the tax authorities