Corporate law

In the area of corporate law, we advise and represent shareholders and companies comprehensively in regard to:

  • Negotiations and planning of contracts (e.g. drafting of foundations agreements for limited liability companies, employment contracts of managing directors, contract for the purpose of acquisitions)
  • Organisation of companies
  • Foundation and liquidation of companies
  • Exchange of shareholders
  • Rights of the shareholders against the respective company, against other shareholder or against company grouping
  • Acquisition and sale of shares
  • Choice of the legal form with regard to liability, taxes, capital procurement, employment law, organisation and profitability
  • Legislation of cooperative societies (eG)
  • Splitting up and liquidation of companies
  • Commercial balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, annex, management report
  • Liability e.g. during the foundation period, of the limited liability company before registration, or of the managing director of a limited liability company
  • Acquisition and due diligence in cooperation with our tax consultants and accountants
  • Advice concerning bankruptcy (management of crisis, protection of creditors, saving of the company and protection of the entrepreneurs)
  • Trade law and corporate law with its consequences for the all divisions of each company
  • Change of corporate form
  • Disclosure requirement/statutory reporting requirement