VAT Refunds For International Working Companies

Did you know that every year billions of Euros worth of Value Added Tax (VAT) remains unclaimed by foreign companies? Your company may be entitled to reclaim this VAT.

Throughout Europe VAT is payable on a wired variety of expenses. For all businesses VAT can be refundable from over 45 countries worldwide up to 5 years back, covering all European Union member states, Norway and Non-EU states such as Switzerland, Canada, Australia, India, China and Japan and some of the refundable expenses are:

Travel and Entertainment

  • Hotels and Other forms of Accommodation
  • Conference, Trade Fair and Exhibitions
  • Restaurant meals (Food and Beverages)
  • Taxis and Public Transport (Buses, Rail etc.)
  • Petrol / Diesel Fuel
  • Toll Fee / Vignettes
  • Car Rental and Maintenance
  • Training Courses and Seminars

Foreign Vendor Payments

  • Exhibition / Trade Show / Conference
  • Expenses Advertising, marketing and Promotions
  • Professional Fees / Services
  • Import VAT and Customs Duties
  • Broadcasting, TV and Movie Production
  • Data and Collocation Services
  • Aviation VAT
  • Tolling & Warranty

MerzArnoldWuepper can help your company reclaim all eligible VAT. This can reduce the cost up to 27 %.
We handle the entire claim, from start to finish offering a market leading services designed to simplify the whole process of VAT recovery.

Our Service

  • Dedicates Account Manager
  • Free consultation and advice to maximize your company’s VAT claim
  • We can deal directly with suppliers on your behalf
  • We deal with each relevant Tax Authori

Benefits of Tax Recovery Services

  • Centralized solution for multiple countries claims
  • Reduced overseas business costs
  • Positive impact on bottom line